King David – archaeological fact or fiction?

I just stumbled across this program on bbc 2: Bible’s buried secrets: Did King David’s Kingdom exist? Having spent today reading all about David, it’s interesting to see an archaeological perspective on this period of biblical history. Did anyone else watch it? What do you think?


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3 Responses to King David – archaeological fact or fiction?

  1. CambournePerson29 says:

    I’ve been really disappointed by this series. Everything has been reported as ‘uncovering hidden truths’ and shedding new light through proper archaeology — but nothing has been ‘found’ that doesn’t ring true with (a) a sensible and informed reading of the bible and (b) and sensible understanding of history and archaeology. Except, perhaps, that they’ve tended to align “Jewish and Christian teaching” with story-book children’s teaching, and made out that we never read the bits in between. I’ll stop ranting (until I watch tomorrow’s episode) as I’m sure its good to start people talking about the old testament….

  2. CambournePerson29 says:

    And now I get the point of this series. Shame they tried to pad it out knocking down straw men for the first two episodes. Tonight was interesting. Especially as we’ve just finished reading about that period of history. There were several big jumps, but I could quickly see where she was heading. I’d now be interested to read her scholarly works. Certainly nothing to shake my faith, but plenty to inspire wider reading!

  3. sfh10 says:

    Actually, this series (with its weak sensationalist claims) made me research the historicism of the bible more on the internet. It’s a great subject.

    I think that it is hard to get neutral evidence, but it does seem to be the case that it is hard to actually form a clear refutation of many of the key points. Also many of the ‘second order’ points which lack historical (in the academic sense) grounding are very convincing: it seems clear, to me at least, the the accounts are based upon the testimony of people who believed that Christ was the Messiah and was resurrected. So, either there was some elaborate con which fooled these people or these people were telling the truth. I know which side I’d put my dollar on….

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